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Odoo Customer Relationship Management allows you to manage all your company's interactions with current and potential customers under one platform. Odoo CRM helps you efficiently manage new leads, improve your company's profitability and simplify all your customer realationship management porcesses.

Instant and efficient Customer Relationship Management

Odoo CRM helps you seamlessly manage all your customer relationships, providing all-encompassing solutions. Gain real-time insights to effortlessly monitor your team's activities and gauge your performance against monthly targets. With its robust integration with other Odoo applications, you'll stay constantly informed and in control!

Fully integrated sales tool

Managing sales and customer data is a recurring necessity for businesses, demanding constant data accuracy. Nonetheless, manual data entry across various systems can be far from optimal, consuming a substantial portion of your valuable working hours.

With Odoo's seamlessly integrated sales and CRM applications, you can streamline data management, lead generation, and deal closure, significantly boosting efficiency.

With the help of Odoo's Sales tool, you can send offers to your customers. Additionally, Odoo's integrated electronic signature service allows your customers to conveniently review and sign your offers from anywhere, anytime. Odoo's Sales application facilitates swift and and efficient communication. You can set up custom alerts for relevant activities, directly communicate via email regarding quotes, and monitor upcoming sales meetings, among other capabilities. 

Odoo CRM and Sales are fully integrated with other applications such as: 


Email Marketing


Odoo CRM is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses  

Only 2 € /month per user

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