Odoo Community

Odoo Community offers an excellent foundation for your ERP needs

Odoo is available in two versions: the open source Odoo Community, and the licensed Odoo Enterprise. Both are under continuous development and new versions are released annually.

Which version of Odoo is best for your business depends on the size and needs of your company.

Odoo Community provides an excellent platform tailored for businesses with fewer than 50 users, covering essential ERP requirements through its basic modules. Odoo Community is easy to set up and affordable. 

Odoo Community includes all the basic Odoo applications on which the Odoo Enterprise version is built. Scroll down to find more information about some of the Odoo community modules. 


Odoo Customer Relationship Management helps you to oversee every interaction your company has with existing and potential customers. Odoo CRM streamlines lead management, enhances your company's profitability, and simplifies the overall customer management process.


Seamlessly integrated marketing modules allow you to plan, build, execute and analyze marketing campaigns from start to finish on a single platform. 

Odoo marketing modules cover social media marketing, email and SMS marketing, marketing automation and customer surveys. 


Odoon Sales module includes efficient features and tools to handle all your company's sales. The module is seamlessly integrated with other sales tools, such as E-commerce and orders, making it easy to manage all the sales processes in one place. 


Odoo Manufacturing module allows you to design your company's entire production process. This includes setting up work centres, defining operations, specifying machinery usage, and outlining the necessary materials. The Manufacturing module is seamlessly integrated with warehouse, HR, and sales functions, ensuring smooth and automated process. 


Odoo Human Resources modules include all the main HR management functions covering recruitment, payroll and leave. 

 Website and E-commerce

With Odoo Website module, you can easily create stylish and branded websites using ready-made templates or building them from scratch. E-commerce module integrates your online sales seamlessly with your website. 

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