Revise EPM forecasts 

Revise EPM helps to implement various forecasts: profit forecast, sales forecast and balance sheet forecast. The tool also includes a 12-week rolling cash flow forecast.

You will have a better understanding of the company's future by using accurate forecast data.

Cash flow forecast

Cash flow forecast is one of the most important tools for measuring success and profitability. The cash flow provides a good insight into the company's future cash flow.

Revise EPM's 12-week rolling cash flow forecast is the best tool for tracking and controlling cash flow. 

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Profit forecast

The profit forecast provides a view of the company's future revenue, costs, margins and profitability.

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Balance sheet forecast

The balance sheet forecast provides a continuous, reliable view of the company's balance sheet and its future prospects for the selected period (stock, receivables, self-sufficiency etc...)

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Sales forecast

All business is based on profitable sales. Well prepared, realistic sales forecast gives guidelines for other operational activity (purchases, manufacturing, delivery, finance etc...)

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Revise EPM is an easy and flexible tool for budgeting. Budgets can be prepared by sub-budgets based on e.g. sales, turnover or variable costs.

The budgeting process can also be monitored in real time.

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The tool allows you to create all the reports you need. Reports for budgets, forecasts and different kind of comparisons can be done quickly. 

Revise EPM includes standard reporting packages, which can be easily finalized with your own reports and graphs.

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