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Every company needs marketing processes to promote the sale of its products or services. For different organizations this can mean very different different things marketing measures.

Often, however, marketing consists of numerous different areas, the systematic management of which requires a lot of work. A marketing automation system can free up considerable time and resources from simple mechanical work to more demanding .

Odoo consolidates all your marketing processes into one platform, simplifying your planning and management. Through its seamlessly integrated marketing modules, you can easily plan, create, execute and analyze marketing campaigns from inception to completion on a single platform.

Marketing automation can cover e.g. social media marketing, email and SMS marketing, other marketing automation and customer surveys.

Automate social media marketing in Odoo 

With the Odoo social media tool you can plan, publish and schedule publications for all your social media channels with one application. In this Social Marketing module, you can also see at a glance all the content you publish as well as analytics. 

A social media monitoring tool makes it easier to interpret analytics, so you learn the best ways to find and communicate with your target audience.strategic solutions and facilitate the monitoring of marketing results. 

This is how you comprehensively improve your results on social media, whether your goal is to increase the company's visibility or improve brand recognition.  

​Boost your email marketing with Odoo

With Odoo, you can build visually attractive e-mails either from scratch or by using Odo's ready-made message templates. This email marketing software makes email advertising easy. 

Dynamic content automatically adapts to your subscribers' screens by adjusting spacing and reducing image sizes, so that your message is optimally displayed on all screens — whether on a tablet, mobile phone or computer.

The comprehensive analytics of the Odoo email marketing tool help you develop your email campaigns even better. 

View real-time data on every email sent; you can follow e.g. number of generated leads and orders, opening rate and click rate. With the help of statistics, you make thoughtful changes and develop your B2C and B2B email marketing as efficiently as possible.

Get results with Odoo SMS marketing


Surprisingly, text messages offer remarkable potential in marketing: your message is delivered directly to your contacts' mobile devices and is almost guaranteed to be read within minutes! With an impressive 98% open rate, text marketing messages provide a distinct opportunity to effectively connect with your intended audience.

With Odoo, you prepare your SMS advertising and schedule it to go out at the optimal time. Odoo optimizes technical details, for example links in messages, to keep your text messages compact. 

Link tracking is automatically integrated into Odoo's messages, allowing you to easily monitor click rates and measure the results of your campaign. SMS marketing has never been easier!

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