Jukka Saarikko, Senior Partner, Dr

Jukka has long experience in management, board, and consultation roles. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), competitiveness optimization, turnaround processes and change management are Jukka's strongest areas of expertise. His work is based on a firm, positive approach and quick decision making with intelligent information.

+358 500 634 524


Anne Sutela, Senior Financial Advisor, KTM

Anne has years of experience in financial management and principal duties. Cash management, the factors influencing in cash, implementation and creating the forecasting procedure are Anne's core competence areas. The has a wide experience in ERP deployment projects. She is systematic, efficient and precise "Cash Guardian".

+358 50 572 0030


Nelli Sutela, Financial Assistant, Merkonomi

Nelli is capable of handling the daily routines of financial administration. Her enthusiasm, activity and fast learning give her the capacity to grow solution specialist in near future. Proactivity and positivity makes the co-operation with Nelli fluent and nice.


Alan Nakari, Junior Developer

Alanis a passionate software developer. He has a broad skill set in back-end development with technologies like Next.js and Python.


Olli Suoniemi, Junior Developer

Olli is a young and enthusiastic problem solver who approaches challenges from an analytical perspective. He enjoys working on both the browser and server side.


Pauli Hemmi, Jr. Backend Developer

Pauli's strengths lie in Python programming and machine learning, with an excellent ability to approach problems creatively. He is an intentive and optimistic individual, quick to learn and adapt to new challenges. Pauli has embraced the principle and tools of back-end development and continues to passionately progress in the field.


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