Revise EPM financial management system is here to help you with financial planning and reporting

Revise EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) is an exceptional financial planning and reporting application that provides up-to-date information on business performance, trends, profitability and cash flow.  Explicitly guided processed make accessing information quick and effortless and the cloud platform enables access anytime, from anywhere. Cash management and realistic forecasting are conducted using the application's 12 weeks' rolling forecast, which at the moment is not available in any other software suite. Week-level forecast provides efficient cash management, enabling timely reactions needed to make the changes necessary for achieving business goals.   

The application's reporting packages provide all the necessary information for Board of Directors, stakeholder reporting and day-to-day operative decision making. You are also able to build your own reports. 

The application contains, in addition to profit and loss, balance sheet and financial statement reports, profit forecast by cost center and largely automatically generated balance sheet forecast.

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Revise EPM

From financial budgeting to balance sheet forecastin


Revise EPM is an easy and flexible tool for budgeting. Budgets can be prepared by sub-budgets based on e.g. sales, turnover or variable costs.

The budgeting process can also be monitored in real time.


The tool allows you to create all the reports you need. Reports for budgets, forecasts and different kind of comparisons can be done quickly.

Revise EPM includes standard reporting packages, which can be easily finalized with your own reports and graphs.


With Revise EPM you can easily implement various forecasts: profit forecast, sales forecast and balance sheet forecast. The tool also includes a 12-week rolling cash flow forecast.  

You will have a better understanding of future business possibilities when you have accurate data available. 

Other features

Revise EPM software is easy to use and maintain. It scales according the needs of organization and budgets and forecasts are safe to be spread to the responsible persons.  

The following features are included:


All reports can be made at company's own cost center and dimension level or with different combinations of these.

Process guide for forecasting

Explicitly guided processes make building and accessing information quick and effortless.

Automatic allocations

Automatic allocations with flexible split methods.

Always up-to-date reporting package for management

Standard, adjustable reporting packages for the organization's responsible people and interest groups. 

Daily, weekly and monthly reports

Agile reporting periods according to your needs.

Actuals by entries

Drilling to the invoice pictures.

Income recognition and cash flow forecasting by projects

Tools for project reports and forecasts.

Loan calculation

Plan, stimulate and forecast your loans. 

Financial indicators

Comprehensive setting of financial indicators.

Consolidated accounts and tools for closing the books

Professional tools for consolidated accounts.

Tool consulting

It is incredibly easy to start using Revise EPM. The tool is cloud-based, so there is no need for heavy instalment processes. We will help you to get on track with the tool and recommend best additional tools for your needs. 


Installing the tool

Revise EPM tool is very easy to install. It will be integrated to your company's financial tools and all the basic information and settings will be discussed together. 

Installing the basic version will take approximately 2-4 days.

Forecasting process

The forecasting process can be activated independently using instructions and video tutorials. However, consulting is also available, which may help the organization to adopt the process quicker. We recommend short consulting especially when the forecasting has not been systematically conducted previously. 

Administrator tasks

The tool has couple of administrative tasks. We offer you administrative services depending on your needs.

Special features

Several special features can be added to Revise EPM, so it will help in all your needs. We will discuss together what services could serve your company best.

Outsmart your financial management.

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