Cash flow forecast

Cash flow can be effectively predicted with a 12-week rolling cash flow forecast without excel

Outlook for future cash flows

The cash flow forecast is one of the most important tools for measuring the success and profitability of a company. The cash flow forecast provides a good insight into future cash flow and can be used to plan the necessary measures to ensure that business objectives are met.

No more Excel for cash flow forecasting

The best tool for monitoring and managing cash flow is the Revise EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) 12-week rolling cash flow forecast.

A weekly forecast gives a realistic picture of future cash flows, gives time to react to changes and avoids unnecessary surprises. A realistic view of the company's future cash flow is particularly valued by the company's stakeholders.

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Base data to be automatically calculated for the cash flow forecast:

  • Trade receivables from the profit and loss account by rate of turnover or average payment period
    • specific settings for factoring
  • Project installments can be included from project-specific cash flow forecasts
  • Accounts payable are included from the profit forecast, based on turnover or average payment period.
  • Tax account payments (VAT and social security payments) are included automatically from debt accounts in the balance sheet.
  • Changes in accounts receivable and debt capital, repayments and interest are included from debt tables.

Cash flow forecast closing balance is updated to a specific account in the balance sheet forecast.

With the application’s systematic process and automatization, cash flow forecast can be implemented quickly and effortlessly.

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Sales forecast

With the Revise EPM sales forecast tool future sales, gross margin and resulting turnover and margin are forecasted. Profitable sales are at the core of every business. Sales forecast enables foreseeing sales trends and necessary actions can be started on time, whether the sales or sales margin are ahead or under the set goals.

Balance sheet forecast

The purpose of balance sheet forecast is to obtain a continuous view on the balance sheet of the company that is as accurate as possible, including its different elements and development trends on a chosen period. Important key indicators for management include at least cash position, equity ratio, indebtedness and various turnovers (inventory, sales receivables and accounts payable).

Profit forecast

The goal of profit forecast is to estimate future turnover and profitability of the company. Trends per area of business and cost center are an essential part of this.