Revise EPM -sovellus – Lehdistötiedote

11. lokakuuta 2017 kirjoittaja
Revise EPM -sovellus – Lehdistötiedote
Nelli Sutela


Helsinki 10.10.2017

The world's first 12-week rolling cash flow forecast

– Revise EPM

In a modern business, cash flow measures the success and value creation of the company. Every company wants to know what their future cash flow will look like, but creating a cash flow forecast is seen as difficult and time consuming. Revise Oy says that with a systematic process and a tool that automates the process, the cash flow forecast can be implemented easily and quickly.

“Such a tool has been missing from the market and that is why many large international companies make their weekly cash flow forecast with Excel. I know from experience that a corporate management team needs a manageable future, and the Revise EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) application provides decision makers with intelligent information both for guiding the future of their business and for optimizing competitiveness and cash flow", says Jukka Saarikko from Revise Oy”.

Revise EPM is a financial planning and reporting application that provides up-to-date information on business performance, trends, profitability and cash flow. With clearly guided processes, information is obtained easily and quickly, and thanks to the cloud-based approach, it is possible anywhere and anytime.

“Forecasting is nice and simple when it's done with a standardized process and a tool that speeds things up”, says Anne Sutela from Revise Oy, who has a long experience in profit and cash flow forecasts, and the demand for a tool like Revise EPM.

The new application, released by Revise Oy, makes cash management and realistic forecasting possible with the application's 12-week rolling cash flow forecast, which is not yet available in any other software. The weekly forecast brings efficiency to the cash management and gives time to react to changes needed to achieve the business goals.

The application provides all the necessary information for stakeholder reporting, and for the Board to work efficiently and make operational decisions.

Revise EPM is a modern, intelligent solution that is easy to integrate into the company management system.

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