We think that business should be lead by using smart and agile tools. Revise offers SaaS tools for financial planning, forecasting and reporting.

We also offer financial consulting services and help in cash flow crisis. Financial management can be fully outsourced to us.

Our services

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Revise EPM - financial planning and reporting

Revise EPM is exceptional tool for financial planning and management. It provides information about business performance, trends, viability and cash flow.

Cash management and realistic forecasting are possible as the tool has 12-week rolling cash flow forecast. Optimize your competitive advantage with up-to-date information!


Integrations have never been this smooth! Odoo is a modern and fully integrated ERP system with millions of users around the globe.

Odoo provides tools for CRM, sales management and marketing, to name just a few. It scales fully according to your business needs.

Odoo has top notch user experience and it is very easy to start using the app. Odoo has over 50 language versions.

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We offer consulting services to manage financial crises efficiently and outsource financial management.

Financial management can be outsourced fully to Revise. We can also help in planning and conducting the outsourcing.

We offer financial manager, credit controller and CEO services.

Managing the cash flow crisis

Financial crises emerge usually out of the blue. We help companies in surviving overwhelming financial situations and reviving the business.  .

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